Sweet Cream & Sugar Cones Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. Anne and Kris, what are your favorite cookbooks?

A. For Kris: In The Sweet Kitchen by Regan Daly, and anything by Jamie Oliver. For Anne:  The Time Life series, and The Good Cook (especially the candy volume)


Q. And which are your favorite ice cream flavors?

A. For Kris: Brown Sugar with Ginger Caramel Swirl in the winter, Balsamic Strawberry in the summer. For Anne: Malted Vanilla with Peanut Brittle and Milk Chocolate.


Q. Of all the ice cream flavors you’ve tested, have any not worked out?

A. Kris once made a smoked salmon ice cream for a show on the fishing channel. Let’s just say it was not a flavor we would put in the ice cream case!


Q. Where can I buy your ice cream? Do you ship?

A. We want people to have the special experience of eating our sweets right here in San Francisco, and so we don’t ship our ice cream. You can buy it here at Bi-Rite Creamery (3692 18th St. in San Francisco’s Mission District) or by the pint/quart across the street at Bi-Rite Market (3639 18th St.–the line is usually shorter than at the Creamery!).


Q. Were there any misprints in Sweet Cream & Sugar Cones that you can share?

A. Glad you asked, because there were three omissions in the first two editions of the book 🙂

  • Caramelized Banana Ice Cream recipe (page202):  the bananas should be added in step 8. It should read,  “add the rum (if using), vanilla extract, and reserved banana puree to the base and whisk until blended”
  • Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream recipe (page 185): step 6 should include the instruction to “whisk vanilla and pumpkin puree into the chilled base”
  • Cookies and Cream Ice Cream recipe (page 84):  step 6 should include the instruction to “whisk in the vanilla extract and freeze in your ice cream machine.”

We apologize for these misprints—they’ve been corrected in the third edition and all future editions of the cookbook!

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